Primary Charitable Beneficiaries

Founded in 1903, the Pasadena Humane is an independent donor supported non-profit animal welfare agency. The Mission of the organization is to promote humane treatment for all animals. As an open-door shelter, Pasadena Humane welcomes and provides care to all animals in it service area regardless of age, medical condition, breed or any other criteria. Programs offered by the organization include food, shelter and veterinary care for homeless and lost animals, adoptions programs, animal control and so much more. Pasadena Humane serves the cities of Pasadena, South Pasadena, San Marino, LaCanada-Flintridge, Sierra Madre and Glendale. The 2023 San Marino Motor Classic contribution to Pasadena Humane was $120,000.

The Rotary Club of San Marino was chartered in 1939, making it one of the city’s oldest service organizations. The Club’s non-profit, charitable arm-San Marino Rotary Charities, serves as a conduit for the San Marino Motor Classic to distribute funds back to the community. San Marino Rotary Charities supports a multitude of local and international philanthropic causes. Specifically, San Marino Rotary Charities donates resources for youth actives and to a host of other community based non-profit organizations. San Marino Rotary Charities makes direct grants to schools and provides mini-grants to approximately 40 teachers for classroom enhancements. Rotary Charities also provides grants to several organizations outside of San Marino, that include international program, that support youth sports in drug torn Mexico and reconstructive surgery for disfigured youths. In 1923 the San Marino Motor Classic contributed $65,000 to San Marino Rotary Charities. 

Cancer Support Community – San Gabriel Valley (CSCSGV) has been providing free support service to cancer patients and their family members in the San Gabriel Valley for the last 30 years. Founded as The Wellness Community in 1990, CSCSGV has served over 25,000 people challenged with cancer. CSCSGV currently offers eleven weekly support groups and three-monthly support groups facilitated by licenses mental health professionals. CSCSGV also offers stress management classes and educational workshops led by experts in their field every month. CSCSGV provides a community of support for brave individuals facing perhaps the most challenging experience in their lives. CSCSGV empowers people facing cancer and enriches their lives by providing hope, education, support and opportunities for new friendships with others facing a cancer diagnosis. CSCSGV’s vision is to ensure that no one has to face cancer alone. All programs are free of charge to participants, their families, friends and caregivers. The net proceeds from the Symphony of Cars Gala will be donated to the Cancer Support Community – San Gabriel Valley. The 2023 donation from the San Marino Motor Classic was $65,000. 

GIVE – MENTOR – LOVE is a Foundation of dedicated professionals serving LA County youths and young adults in-crisis, at risk, homeless or in foster care, and victims of sex trafficking. Girls that are recruited by sex traffickers are not necessarily the homeless or illegal aliens. These girls could be your daughter or a relative that has the misfortune to go to a party, possibly be drugged and kidnapped.   GIVE - MENTOR - LOVE are a layer of the healing process GIVING immediate and continued support of basic needs and financial assistance; MENTORING to help them rediscover their self-worth; and LOVING unconditionally to help them thrive.

The history of this organization started in 2010 when volunteers started volunteering with foster girls in the Pasadena, CA area who were exploited, in-crisis and suffered unspeakable traumas. In 2019 the organization was formalized as GIVE – MENTOR – LOVE Foundation to expand their footprint and services in order to support youths and young adults in-crisis, at risk, homeless or in foster care, and victims of sex trafficking across all of Los Angeles County. Today, GIVE – MENTOR – LOVE Foundation partners with LA County Specialized Bureau for Commercial Sexual Exploited Children (CSEC), ZOE Los Angeles, and Learning Works Charter School. 

The Rose Bowl Aquatics Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, opened in 1990 and is located in Pasadena’s beautiful Brookside Park, just south of the famous Rose Bowl Stadium. This world-class aquatics facility offers year round aquatic and fitness programming to children, youth, families and seniors so that all generations can achieve the benefits of healthy living habits, regular exercise, and sports training. Today they serve more than 400,000 patrons annually.

Shriners Children's Southern California is where hope and healing meet. Our compassionate, respected physicians and staff work collaboratively to provide outpatient care for children with orthopedic conditions, burn scars, cleft lip and palate, and other special health care needs. For cases that require inpatient care, we work closely with neighboring hospitals throughout Los Angeles County to provide our patients with access to specialized procedures and surgeries.